Alignment Yoga

All levels. Beginners welcome.

@ The Hive Collective in Chemainus BC.

Jessica is the best Yoga teacher I have ever had! Every lesson is well thought out, poses are demonstrated and clear, safe and articulate instructions are given while we are doing the work. Jessica uses props, straps, blocks to help with poses which are very helpful. I cannot recommend her enough. I am a paddler and I need to be able to have flexibility and strength in my shoulders, arm and core and these classes have been a great help and encouragement for me to pursue my sport.
Gillian Edwards

Align with Jessica, Alignment Yoga is a progressive, supported, alignment based practice that offers you clear, accessible teaching. Learn how to properly build your poses and FEEL the difference of a foundational practice. Students enjoy expertly curated sequences built to support healthy back, knees and hips. Classes are structured to both energize and restore.

What You Will Learn

Why This Class?