Align with Jessica and FEEL your best!

Regular supported Yoga practice unlocks your power and potential, at every age and stage. Join the involution!

Iyengar yoga offers you an accessible, progressive, safe and transformative practice built to support every body.

As a physiotherapist I’ve tried many yoga and Pilates classes but none like Align with Jessica. Jessica's classes are based around re-educating the postures of the body and it's what we all need! Adapted for any age or ability, Jessica creates a friendly safe space and supports everyone. I highly recommend Align with Jessica.
what we offer

The heart of yoga is regular practice. Come explore!


Explore in person classes.


Explore live Iyengar yoga zoom classes. Begin your journey in building an at home yoga practise.


Custom private yoga classes to meet you where you are.

Why Iyengar Yoga?


Support healthy back, hips and knees. Enhance hormonal balance, peak functioning and vitality. Build bone density, strength, flexibility and positive posture.


Strengthen the mind-body connection. Source calm, groundedness and mental clarity. Release tension and stress.


Cultivate kindness and compassion towards yourself and others. Connect with your essence, spirit and intuition.

“Your classes are fabulous! I had hip surgery last January and my hips felt better after this morning’s class than they have felt in a year! Thank you!”

– Deb Zellermeyer