‘Jessica brilliantly combines her strengths as a storyteller and actor to lead yoga classes that communicate her knowledge and passion for the Iyengar tradition. Empathetic, funny, and expertly able to adapt to meet the individual needs of her students, Jessica challenges learners at all levels to work hard and push their boundaries, while creating an environment that is enriching and supportive.’

– Julie Bevan, Executive Director. Nanaimo Art Gallery 

Hi, I’m Jessica Lowry.

I am a certified Iyengar yoga instructor and a classically trained actor (CAEA) who performs, creates and directs for theatre. I am also a mother of three powerful and energetic young beings who teach me magnitudes about all the above subjects- and their connections.

My creative work focuses on projects that align my yoga practice with creative writing and performance in schools, theatre organizations, arts institutions and for public presentation.

My areas of special focus include:


Before moving to Ladysmith I was a regular Iyengar yoga student in Victoria. I was excited to learn about Align with Jessica classes in Saltair. I checked out the class and immediately felt accepted and supported. I have been a regular student know for about a year and I find Jessica to be a skilled and caring teacher. I highly recommend her, and her classes. – Gerry Brimacombe

Why Iyengar Yoga?

I came to this practise having danced around and played with other ‘styles’ for many years. I had completed a 300 hr yoga teacher training and was teaching prior to taking up Iyengar yoga classes and then committing to 4 years of teacher training leading to certification.   I will admit the classes were challenging (and still are) in that I could not just ‘hang out’ in my flexible places and by pass the black holes in my body.  My teacher saw my weakness and I was called to bring awareness to those places.  But, within the tenants of yoga embedded in yogic philosophy- without harming myself, without stealing from one side to balance the other, without wishing I had my neighbours pose, without overdoing. This was… super challenging!   But,  truth- nothing makes me feel like after an Iyengar class and I soon realized it was because the practise was awakening parts of myself that were dimly lit and I was being connected- aligned in ways that were entirely new,  but such a physical and mental relief. I experienced more energy and more calm all at once- balance, equanimity. All the availability I’ve gained in body, mind and breath have supported my artistic work and of course the hard work of mothering/parenting. 

I cherish hearing students resonate in similar ways as the practise starts to change them. It’s the gift of Iyengar’s yoga. I am grateful to the practise and feel the responsibility to continue to learn and to share it well.

It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self and intelligence. 

B.K.S Iyengar