Your Yoga Prop Kit

Props are teachers and friends. The following key props are essential for supporting your at home practice.

You are more than welcome to use props you already have at home, to source these second hand. You can also use the links below to purchase new or if you have found a different source, please go ahead and purchase what works best for you.

All props are used in different ways and to effect different results. One integral reason we use props is to support alignment. Why is alignment so important? If the joints are not aligned, the mechanical forces are dissipated and there is no stability in the execution of postures. If we are not working in alignment, efforts made with arms and legs do not affect the body positively and the spine does not extend. Extending the spine and supporting the natural curves of the spine is key in a yoga practice. Think of the spinal extension as the gateway to a restored nervous system! Also, constant practice with unaligned limbs in the joints distorts existing misalignments and contributes to joint trauma. Below I offer one way in which the props will support your alignment.

One bolster

In supine positions (lying down) the bolster helps imprint the capacity for the spine and notably the shoulder blades to move in and thereby assists to open the front of the body/the chest and the breath diaphragm.

We use a rectangular bolster.

Find it on

Find it on b, halfmoon (use discount code ALIGNWITHJESSICA15)..

One yoga strap

The strap is used often to reinforce alignment and action in the arms and legs. Arms and legs are connected to the spine and their alignment is imperative to the maintenance of an extended spine.

I suggest finding a strap between 8’-10’. Pick a 10’ strap if you are taller and broader. 

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Two 4” cork bricks

The bricks are imperative to maintain spinal extension in poses. We use the bricks to essentially extend the length of the arms. For example, so that you are not straining in the spine to reach the floor with your hands in a pose, but instead working towards stability and ease and spinal extension

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One to two 3” cork bricks

This brick is often used to reinforce the actions of the legs in the classic fundamental standing pose tadasana, mountain pose. One is fine, but online packages often come with two.

Find one foam brick on

Find two foam bricks and strap on

Find it on b, halfmoon (use discount code ALIGNWITHJESSICA15).

Three yoga blankets or tightly woven blankets

The blankets are used for head support in supine (lying down) postures and may be used in inversions or supported inversions to stabilize the cervical vertebrae.

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Find it on b, halfmoon (use discount code ALIGNWITHJESSICA15).

One yoga chair, or sturdy folding chair or household chair

A chair, secured against a wall space may be used to access stable, clear alignment in variations of certain poses that can be used consistently as alternatives if there are issues with wrists or knees AND as a teaching tool to reinforce positive alignment that can then be imprinted and carried through to a more classical variation of a pose. A classic iyengar yoga chair is backless. We are not regularly stepping through the chair in this online practice so it is not a requirement, although you are welcome to purchase and have this option available to you. You may use a sturdy folding chair or even a solid household kitchen table chair for this practice. Below is a classic Iyengar chair option.

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Please contact me if you have any questions about gathering your props kit.

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