Kids Classes for your Mindful Warriors

As a yoga instructor and experienced actor I offer classes for children and youth that explore the intersection between yoga and theatre.

I teach mindfulness tools, empathy and  self-regulation through the joy of embodied creative expression.

I offer weekly classes for 6 to 12 year olds in two formats: an in-person series at the Hive and online Zoom classes.

'Yoga means instead of chewing my nails (which I usually do) I can enjoy yoga. It’s not competitive and makes me feel calm.'
Grade 4 student

Mindful Warriors: Yoga for Kids

In Studio Series for ages 8 - 12

Students will dive into a joyful, exploratory class discovering mindfulness through joy, play and embodied creative exploration.

Yoga poses will be incorporated into creative, embodied flow and students will learn to use yoga as a tool to both prepare their bodies as vehicles for creative expression and for learning how to nourish and restore. Exploration, permission, observation and team-work are the foundations of this series.

This is a multi-sensory experience where students are encouraged to explore with music, sound, movement, texture, art, drawing, writing, and ultimately PLAY!

Mindful Warriors: Yoga for Homeschoolers

Online Zoom Classes for Ages 6 - 12

Home learners ages 6-12 can join this live Zoom class taught by a certified Iyengar instructor and classically trained actor, Jessica Lowry. We will explore connecting our imaginations to our physicality and embody the wonderful depths of imagery connected to yoga.

This dynamic yoga practice that allows for freedom of expression along our journey and is built to encourage mind/body connection while energizing and restoring the nervous system. After our final meditation, there will be writing/drawing prompts offered to help students imprint the power of a mindful journey and reinforce tools they are building through practice.

Works with your schedule. Class recordings are shared securely one week after each class. You can attend the live class and/or enjoy the recording throughout the week.