Don't Fall.

Practise @ Home
with Your Yoga Library

 AnXious? Low ENERGY?
Aches and Pains?

The transformative benefits of yoga are born from a regular practise.  A consistent yoga practise can help with all the above, and beyond. No doubt it's hard to start a practise at home without guidance, inspiration and accessible, safe instruction. 

Your Yoga Library is here to support every body  on the path towards strength, vitality, and stability. 

Through an alignment based, supported and regular Iyengar yoga practise at home, fueled by Your Yoga Library recorded online classes, you will undo negative habits in the body and mind. You'll Invigorate capacity to move through the world with less stress and more ease; body and mind. 

Your Yoga Library is a monthly subscription. I have seen first hand the benefits of this practise and I want you to start now. My gift offer of Your Yoga Library is unlimited access through until Dec 1st, 2022 with a Pay What You Want donation. 

PRactise SAFELY @ HOME with Your Yoga Library.

Yoga for Every Body 

Do not think for a second that yoga is not for you- it is, indeed, accessible to all of us. 


And practise is where you progress and transform.


Your Yoga Library provides you with unlimited access to a suite of  over 85 hour-long videos, a new collection of shorter 15-25 minute classes, and a growing pose by pose library that all provide a foundational approach to learning and practising yoga. 


Practise yoga well at home solely or support your in class sessions with Your Yoga Library. Feel for yourself the benefits of a supportive and progressive teaching method.  


I offer variations for poses to support common issues for neck, back, and knees.  These variations help you customize each class to suit where you are at. 


You will enjoy a variety of energizing, stablizing, restorative, back care, knee care, hip care sequences- all targeted to bring the benefits of yoga to every body. 


Your Yoga Library 

Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor. Jessica Lowry 

Align with Jessica 

Your Yoga Library is a monthly subscription

UNLIMITED access until Dec 1st, 2022

 Pay What You Want.

Don't Fall. Stand Tall. 

Start now with Your Yoga Library.


All you need is a computer, or i pad, a bit of wall space, a sturdy chair, a yoga strap, and a couple blankets to get started.


The last ingredient is YOU!

Do a full class. Or part of one. Develop a regular practise for even 5-20 mins, 2 or 3 times a week. Explore as often as you can and become the change you want to feel in yourself and in your world. 



'As a physiotherapist I believe in yoga's value for strength, stability and flexibility. I have practised many different yoga/pilates classes but never any quite like Jessica's. 


Her classes are based around re-educating the postures of the body and its' what we all need! We spend our lives in the same day to day positions, even if we are fairly active and these habits get worse as we get older. We need to move the joints and muscles in different ways to keep them happy.  Happy joints, happy life!


Jessica uses yoga positions with supportive blocks/bolsters to use gravity and bodyweight to release into different positions. These are adapted for any age or ability.


Jessica creates a friendly safe space and supports everyone through their practise including the novice beginner. 


I highly recommend Align with Jessica.'