Your Yoga Library

Unlimited access. Anytime. Anywhere.

Where? Wherever you are.

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I am excited to offer Your Yoga Library, which gives you unlimited access to an expanding online library of recorded Iyengar yoga classes. Super easy to access and use.

I support your choice to stay safe, healthy and sane with yoga at home or to enliven your in person or  yoga zoom schedule with an accessible, flexible home practise.

What You Get

  • 61 unique, hour long classes, pre-recorded so you can practise at any time that suits you. Re-do your favourites. Cut your class in half if you can’t do a full hour at a time.
  • The library will be expanding with two new classes coming to you each week.
  • 24 hr, 7 day a week access to the library of recordings.
  • In terms of yoga props, these general classes only require you find some clear wall space, have a few blankets, a sturdy chair, and a yoga strap or men’s neck tie as a useful replacement.

Head to Payment Options to for more information on pricing and getting set up to enjoy yoga anytime, anywhere!

Tell me More About These Classes

These are general classes sequenced to both invigorate and soothe the nervous system, to strengthen the body, while calming the mind. I offer ‘bus stops’ or variations of pose work, so that you can work to your energy and ability. These classes are great for beginners or those who want to deepen their understanding of yoga, alignment and how to access the necessary foundations to build a solid yoga practise- now and into the future. Help bring yoga on board as a forever friend.

Some classes are restorative, others invigorating. You’ll find gems to help with general back care and learn foundational breathing practises to calm and soothe the mind and relieve anxiety.  Send me an email if you have a hankering to explore something specific. I am always listening to my students!

Join a community of learning and loving yoga to explore a practise that boosts your energy, immunity, strength, flexibility, and overall physical and mental health.

Uncertain as to what an at home, online class with me will be like? Sign up below to receive three shorter sample classes to explore at home.

As always contact me through email with any questions.

‘Jessica’s Iyengar yoga class is truly inspirational.  She is an extremely talented instructor who is always positive, compassionate and motivating.  Every detail is well thought out and organized.  The classes are informative, fun and great exercise. I am so thrilled to have found this class and look forward to many more!’- S.L