Online Iyengar Yoga Classes

This month 50 % of all profits from these online yoga classes will go to the Food Banks Canada Covid-19 Response Fund. Let’s nourish ourselves while nourishing our communities. This week classes are free to try. Just make sure to register on schedule below!

Register with a ‘Pay What You Can Monthly’ that will give you access to:

  • 8 distinct live classes,
  • a recorded link to the class to repeat 48 hrs after the live class and
  • access to all other children’s classes (pass links to your grandkids!)

To register you will need to:

  • first choose your form of payment below
  • register for each unique class on the monthly schedule that you wish to take
  • remember if you can’t make a class time you can still register and will receive a recorded version in a link to repeat or do the class on your own time (lasts 48 hrs)
  • Once you’ve registered you’ll receive an email on how to set up zoom for your online class!

Payment options

  • E-transfer with your full name to or
  • Credit card payments accepted with PayPal. Just click the “Donate” button below.

Immunity through Community: Iyengar Yoga Classes

Come back to spaciousness in body and mind with yoga. These days are flooding us with information and sweeping changes to some of our lives which can wreak havoc on stress and immune responses. I will offer a class to undo tension, build strength, stability, flexibility, balance, strengthen immunity and restore the body and mind while practising together in community.

These classes are suitable for beginner to intermediate students and anyone wanting to support a sense of togetherness during this time.  I offer ‘bus stops’ and variations on poses to accommodate physical limitation, energy levels or desired practise for the day.

How to Prepare for your online class? 

  • make sure you’ve both paid for your subscription and then registered in advance for the class of your choice on my schedule
  • have some clear wall space (ideally wide enough to spread your legs and arms)
  • have a yoga chair or study chair
  • a firm blanket (tighter weave if possible)
  • a yoga strap, or even men’s neck tie will do!
  • Those with full prop kits (bolsters, foam chips, bricks) can bring those also as I will sometime show options, inversions with these props.
  • Everyone will have a way to make each poses accessible regardless of access to any of these above props.
  • Children classes only require a mat.

If you have any further questions, contact me.

About Me

photo of Jessica LowryI am a Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor and a classically trained professional actor. I am passionate to make accessible yoga for every body and the rigour of training for Iyengar Instructors is geared at just that- making sure yoga practise is clear and teachable to all of us. My work and training an an actor, writer and directer imbues my teaching with a sense of play and exploration- necessary tools on the wide journey of learning. Read more here.